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corporeal adj
1 having material or physical form or substance; "that which is created is of necessity corporeal and visible and tangible" - Benjamin Jowett [syn: material] [ant: incorporeal]
2 affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit; "bodily needs"; "a corporal defect"; "corporeal suffering"; "a somatic symptom or somatic illness" [syn: bodily, corporal, somatic]

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From the Latin corporeus from corpus "body"


  1. that which is material; tangible; physical
    His omnipotence That to corporeal substance could add Speed almost spiritual. - Milton
  2. of or pertaining to the body; bodily
  3. corporal


  • Czech: tělesný
  • German: körperlich

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Corporeal may refer to: relating to the body

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